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We don’t have specific COVID-19 hours, so walk-ins are welcome.

Located in Cranston R.I., Bling Eyewear has been serving the Southern New England area for more than 10 years!

The Bling Eyewear Experience

Bling Eyewear offers some of the best local eye care services and vision care products in Cranston. We’re passionate about taking care of our patients’ eye health, which is why we offer vision care to people of all ages, including Eye exams, Emergency Treatment as well as the Management of Ocular Diseases. You can find us conveniently located in Cranston, Rhode Island where you can shop Designer Eye Frames and Sunglasses, and Contact lenses.

We’re able to provide medical guidance for people diagnosed with eye diseases like Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Diabetic retinopathy, or Dry eye. Bling Eyewear also accept a variety of Insurance plans and aims to deliver unsurpassed customer service.

Bling Eyewear Eye Clinic 2000 Chapel View Boulevard, Suite 220, Cranston, Rhode Island


We are experts with high prescriptions and optimizing your vision in progressive lenses. All our lenses achieve the best optical clarity & come with glare-free, scratch resistant, & UV coatings, at the best value.


Concierge Experience

We have streamlined the exam process by having the doctor perform all testing to ensure the best results, and our retinal scanning technology offers optimal comfort without the need for dilation. No need to spend hours at the eye doctor dealing with several technicians during your exam.

Eye Exams

Expert Eye Care In Cranston, Rhode Island

Our Cranston optometrist takes a comprehensive & preventative approach to optimal eye care, vision correction & maintaining your eye health.

Eye Care Services

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Designer Frames We Love

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