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Enhance Your Vision,
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Located in Cranston and East Providence, Bling Eyewear has been serving the Southern New England area for more than 10 years!

At Bling Eyewear, we believe that everyone deserves to see life in its full, vibrant colors. That’s why we’re passionate about taking care of our patients’ vision health by offering top eye care services and products to the Cranston and the East Providence community.

We offer everything from eye exams, emergency treatment and eye disease management. And, if you’re looking for high-quality designer eye frames and sunglasses, or simply need a new supply of contacts, we’ve got you covered!

We also understand that being diagnosed with an eye disease can be overwhelming, which is why we offer medical guidance with a compassionate approach. Whether you’re diagnosed with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or dry eye, we have the expertise and experience to help you manage your condition and maintain your vision. Book an appointment with Bling Eyewear at one of our two convenient locations:

Cranston Eye Clinic 2000 Chapel View Boulevard, Suite 220, Cranston, Rhode Island

East Providence Eye Clinic 501 Warren Ave, Suite 102, East Providence, Rhode Island


We feature the most popular designer brands from around the world. Our passionate opticians are more than happy to help you find something that genuinely enhances your personal style so you can leave our practice feeling confident to take on the day ahead.


Concierge Experience

At our practice, we’ve streamlined the eye exam process. The doctor performs all tests to guarantee the best outcome. Additionally, our retinal scanning technology offers maximum comfort without any need for dilation.

Eye Exams

Expert Eye Care In Cranston and East Providence Rhode Island

Our Cranston and East Providence optometrist takes a comprehensive and preventative approach to eye care, offering vision correction and helping you maintain optimal eye health.

Eye Care Services

I have been doing business with Bling for years. They perform very thorough eye exams and carry an excellent variety of frames for new glasses and all the “extras” non-glare, a variety of transition colors and more to make your glasses work best for you!
2 months ago
- Barbara L.

Designer Frames We Love

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