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Are Glasses Necessary for People With 20/30 Vision?

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You may be familiar with 20/20 vision, but do you know what 20/30 vision means?

20/30 vision is a level of visual clarity and sharpness somewhat less than the 20/20 ideal, but many people with this level of nearsightedness function well without glasses. Others feel that the blurry vision they experience while looking at faraway objects makes it difficult for them to drive or play sports.

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What Are the Symptoms and Causes of 20/30 Vision?

Some symptoms of 20/30 vision include blurry vision when looking into the distance as well as headaches and eye strain when trying to focus. However, many people with 20/30 vision don’t notice any symptoms, and may not even be aware that their vision is slightly below average.

Nearsightedness occurs because of the elongated shape of the eyeball. In order to see clearly, incoming light must be focused accurately onto the retina, the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye. When the eyeball is too long, the light focuses in front of the retina instead of directly on it. The result is blurry vision.

Glasses and 20/30 Vision

With 20/30 vision, the level of visual acuity is considered to be within the normal range. Not surprisingly, many people with 30/30 vision are able to see well enough to live without glasses or contacts.

However, there are some circumstances, such as while driving or engaging in activities that require precise distance vision, when glasses may be helpful for people with 20/30 vision.

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